Bartkira 241-245

Finished the cutting and printing of Future Shock 5 and also finished my Bartkira pages today. A banner Wednesday.  

I read a lot of comments about how Bartkira in general is a dumb idea and some of it was really eloquent.  Got to say I still feel like this was worth it.

Otomo gets the lionshare of the credit for how cool this project can be, while working on these panels I got a much better idea of how incredible a draftsman he is, and even more so, how Good he is at pacing.  His variety of shots and angles are outstanding, it just didnt make any sense to veer off of what he had done.

Also I never really drew Bart Simpson when I was a kid…so this was an excellent excuse.

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    More outstanding Bartkira pages. I really am holding out hope that the entire thing gets completed and rears it’s...
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